The pride of Lawrence, KS killing it live in Philly - in glorious sound, too...

UPDATE 09.30.2008:
Rad dude J. stepped up to the plate and figured out the set list!
Here it is...

1- Harvest of Maturity
2- One on the Ground
3- cowards.com
4- Blend as Well
5- Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
6- What Happens on the Road
7- A Safe Place
8- Jesus In The Year 2000 / Next On The Shit List
9- A Disgust For Details
10- 73-C
11- You Can't Kill Us All
12- My Love For Extremes

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Coalesce - 08.19.2005 Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA

Now playing: The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead/Slow Death


  1. hello! just found your blog now and am completely blown away; so much cool shit i don't know/never thought i'd hear again. i've already got a bunch of stuff downloading, and i'll be back for more later!

  2. Oh man thanks for a live blast of coalesce. One of the greater bands to have come out during the 90s whose impression has been felt since they showed up on the scene; the scene the helped to basically codify. Fucking Jes Steineger needs to be bronzed...he makes some of the heaviest, tastiest odd-time riffage anywhwere. Such a great, great band, and you, my dear sweet loresviscera, are a great great site for providing such a live joint to the masses like me fer free. I cannot wait to smoke and make my ears bleed just a little bit. The third toke is for loresviscera. You rage!

  3. Hey, thanks for the ultra-kind words, Marc BK.
    I just upload 'em...

    Enjoy yourself around here bro.


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