Two vocalists (at one point they had three), two guitarists, & two bassists round out this tight and brutal-as-fuck German metal machine.
This goes out by request for faithful reader Sueleiman.

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Mörser - 10,000 Bad Guys Dead


  1. in the begining they had drums, 2 basses, just 1 guitar and 4 vocalists!
    but as one of them lifed on something like a farm (might have had something to do with taking care of old, ill and / or mistreated animals) they played most of their shows with just 3 vocalists. and cause they thought that 1 guitar didn´t sound thight & powerful enough live they added a 2nd guitar on their liveshows.
    but (at least on this and the following release, that was called SCUM and was released together with a nice comicbook) it should be 4 vocalists on the record!
    some of them also did a sideproject called METALFIST were they tried to take the metal-thing to an even higher extreme but as far as I know just released 1 track on a comp.

  2. Thanks as always for the history lesson, Pope.
    If you have anything by CAROL, I would love to hear it as you know I love Systral and Morser ;)

  3. Discovered your blog a while back, I've been enjoying it a fair bit :) This band is pretty sick but I wanted to ask do you know a band called Plexi? I know they aren't exactly hardcore or anything but I thought they were pretty cool. Anyway reason I ask is the only shit I can find for them is order from Hong Kong or amazon and I am too young to have a credit card and plain don't trust interwebs purchases from Hong Kong, they don't even have it on iTunes. They have guys singing crappy folk songs about vaginas on iTunes but not a legitimate band? Thought I might as well ask around, can't really hurt, and please if you know Plexi and think it's shit, don't rip on me :P

  4. Love this band, are really great...Thanks

  5. CAROL is no problem and in case you don´t know them yet check out ACME (=pre-SYSTRAL) for me they are Bremen´s finest!

  6. I haven't the slightest as to what a "Plexi" is, sorry.

  7. Pope Papst -

    I'd appreciate it immensely if you could post up some CAROL or some ACME for me; I had 2 different Acme things, but when my HD died, they got corrupted, so yeah, I'd love to have it again.

  8. Acme is a sick band... the first song on their cd is nasty!

    and Papst got me into Morser through The Swarm split... Sick sick band...

  9. Twin Uzis in Hyrule11/29/2008 07:52:00 AM

    Morser rule, thank u!


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