Drove all the way home from Tahoe today listening to this like three times in a row.
(Only thing that kept me sane in 50mph traffic for 200 miles worth of ultra-shitty drivers and CHiPs.

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Mitch Hedberg - Do You Believe in Gosh?

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  1. DUDE i was going to post another awesome dude, bill hicks! megauploads a bitch and took too long so i gave up.

    but thanks for posting this, i forgot it came out.

  2. heeeeeeeey

    do you think you could re-up that kathy mcginty album?

    my muff has tusks

  3. Some ass-pipe stole it from me & my iTunes version of it is corrupted so until I can locate said ass-pipe who "borrowed" it from me I can't. But I will when I track it down, Ip.

  4. the world is full of ass-pipes man

  5. Man I love Mitch Hedberg, nice work posting this.

  6. Mitch Hedberg had a total unique style, and sadly missed. Love those quick one-liners. All of us stoners were bummed when we found out he answered his final curtain call.

    You'll notice a lot of his earlier stuff he mumbles through. I think some people may have told him to speak up, so sets like this one he is much more clear.

    Someone should do a blog of JUST comedy.

    Royal Oak, MI

  7. Hedberg's delivery was great; I actually enjoyed his whole mumble bit. I think that may have been on account of his hard-livin' lifestyle more than anything else.
    I have seen comedy blogs out there, but honestly - how many motherfuckers are very funny these days, ya know?

  8. Totally didn't expect to run across this. I've been missing Mitch's comedy a lot lately and never thought to look on the blogs where I get my Music fix. Thanks.

  9. thanks for this, charming stuff...never heard of him until your mention on the stanhope post but this set just made my saturday morning...i'll be making copies of this and doug to take to my tattooist...some people are going to get their tattoos fucked up


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