I had to pass this one along to you all...

Found this over at the most excellent CoW blog a while back, and I even got down on bended knee pleading for them to re-up the link and they did!
Not sure what the back story is on this collection, but it's a doozy for sure; collecting nearly everything these kings of Powerviolence ever did - all in one nice fast package!

You can grab it from here - I did the proper blog "etiquette" and re-upped it to my own bandwidth PLUS I made damn sure the tags are correct as there are 63 songs on this thing - , or you can grab it from the CoW blog directly.
Either way, don't sleep on this...

If anyone has info on whether this is going to be released as a "legit" item or what the story with it is, please share!

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Infest - '87-'92

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    SICK FUCKIN' O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. deep six records has been "about" to put out a cd discography for infest for like the last million years. i wish they'd get around to it cuz i fubared my record needle when i moved, so i can't play my vinyl collection.

  3. This is one of the coolest posts EVER. Thanks, my brother!

  4. Probably infest is my favourite band above all the others, so I'll catch also this thanxxx

  5. - Thanks for posting this one! I'm also waiting mouth full of foam for the CD discography... :-)


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