The latest (and last) offering from one of the "classic" Black Metal bands.
This thing was released for a short time before they decided to call it a day due to conflict within the band.
While this is far from being one of their best releases, the set list on this covers alot of their catalogue. Politics aside, these guys have always kicked my ass throughout their run; ain't many BM bands I can say that about these days.

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Gorgoroth - True Norwegian Black Metal: Live in Grieghallen

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  1. i dig the purple corpse paint! thanks for this here.

  2. I tend to skip over some of the live black metal uploads, since nothing can ruin a good black droney trance state more than a guy in corpse paint (even if it is purple!) talking about, well, pretty much anything. But I'll give this a try and see how it goes! The music always comes first, right?

    Wanted to tell you, too, that I went back and downloaded some of the older Dystopia stuff you have that's still active. Kickass, thanks!

  3. Is that really a live album? Doesn't sound like it. Ah well, great listen either way.

    Thanks for the Hedberg album too btw. That dude was one of a kind for sure.

  4. No chatter at all! Just great, driving riffage, good vocals (not too stylized), excellent tempos. Enjoyed my Bart-ride home with this in my ears. Thanks!

  5. Yeah, it's a real live album, but like many live albums, it has lots of studio trickery/remixing, etc.

    It is what it is, as they say...


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