The instrumental hell-record from the 'Flag from back in 1985 that has been a mainstay of many a late night for me since its release.

You either love it or hate it.
I kind of dig the fact that Hank only sings 2 or 3 lines on the whole thing and yeah, the band did weed out a lot of "fans" with this - as well as do the "(smoke) weed out" thing, ha ha!

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Black Flag - The Process of Weeding Out

*Sorry for the lack of updates recently.
Cranked out a powerful week of work & then did a solo hellride to Tahoe to chill with a good friend, drink too many beers, and work on my bike.
Oh yeah - got a root canal yesterday, and have been feeling like shit since then due to the antibiotics and pain killers.
Gonna try to get back on track with the blog (and reality), so please, bear with me.*

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  1. Absolutely love this record. My old band would occassionaly play this before we went on to get the audience angry before we hit the stage and pissed them off more.

  2. I prefer the instrumentals on Family Man but any Flag is okay by me.

  3. Funny thing about that, Aesop.
    I WAS gonna include side 2 of Family Man with this - I dig those cuts too - but then I got lazy and had to go get the boy at school...

  4. so many people hate black flag's instrumental stuff, personally i think it's some of their best. good post.

  5. It's all about that fucking guitar tone, man...

  6. When I was 17, at my most angry and isolated, I used to throw Black Flag onto my Walkman and take long walks at night in my ridiculous suburban town, listening to Damaged and My War at ear-splitting volumes. I didn't know, for all these years, that this release even existed. But if I had, I would have been on the "hate it" side of things. I needed the anguished screams, the haunting rhythms of "nothing... left... in... side..."

    Now, of course, things are different, and it is easy to appreciate this work, especially what feels like a full-on improv through the whole second half of "Process," if not more as well. Thanks so much!

  7. The thing that makes Black Flag quite possibly the ULTIMATE hardcore band EVER is the fact that throughout their history/lineup/discography, everything is painful and hard to swallow.

    Kind of like real life now and then.

    Every record they did was important, i think, and yet, I can't say I like each release, but I do respect them all. The ones I hardly listen to (the later years) intrigue the fuck out of me, and I wonder why sometimes that those don't speak to me as much as say, "The Dez Years" do...

    We may never see another band as powerful as this...

  8. i love black flag (who doesn't) cuz ginn was brilliant, but rollins has always annoyed the everloving piss outta me for some reason. so i absolutely the instrumental stuff.

  9. dude you rule. i have this album on vinyl but never got it into my itunes until now.

    i remember the liner notes, something about "good the censors can't read intuitive data"

    ha ha
    i think black flag had aout five or six records released in 1984 or 1985.

    i still love this band and listen to them all the time. esp my war, live 1984, some on famly man, some damaged, and even, lately IN MY HEAD which is probably one of the records you dont like. i didnt used to but i am rediscovering it.

    say, you wouldn't happen to have appliances sfb album called sfb? not 3rd and long, but the one with my ugly, bob hope, etc. ive been looking for that album n cd or mp3 for years. you seem to have everything, bro.


  10. Moik -

    I don't know anything about Appliances - SFB, but I'll be looking around for it. A Google search shows there is a reissue of said album available. I'll see what I can do...

  11. anybody have live sets in 1985 where they were doing just instrumental sets or henry would only sing one song? i know there is one bootleg cdr but i have never found it. email is mchale32@mail.com


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