(This has been the "late-night wind-down" record for me as of late).

Chris Haskett knows a thing or two about "fret gymnastics".
He was Hank's go-to git player during the Rollins Band years.
He's an eclectic player with a wicked skill set that runs the gamut of punk/metal/jazz stylings - a nice fusion of all the afforementioned makes him a unique (and highly underrated) guitarist.

This record is a complete 180 from all that; it's very acoustic and mysterious in nature.
Lots of ambient sounds buried beneath the warm guitar work.

It's hard for me to describe this stuff - in fact, it's usually ALWAYS hard for me to describe what I'm hearing - so just give it a listen.
It's a "tastefully trippy" record I'm certain most people haven't heard before...

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Chris Haskett - Language

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