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Did I forget anything?

Oh yes...

Back in the early-to-mid Nineties, Sweden was home to an all-female vegan/sXe hardcore band from Umea that released a few records on Victory that pretty much flew under the radar - quite possibly due to their political stance. That, as well as the fact that the meathead sXe HC scene (associated with that label at the time) found the all-girl lineup somewhat a novelty - too bad, as these ladies put their own honest and unique twist (especially vocal-wise) on their output.
They were quite dark & melodic in their appraoch with lots of chugga-chugga/pick-squeals/breakdowns, etc.

While this may be a bit of a stretch for some of you, I find their entire catalog compelling & highly enjoyable, even 10+ years later.
I am also still intrigued by the history of this band - especially for what they accomplished in such a misogynistic scene back in the day...

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Doughnuts - The Age of the Circle

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  1. Loved this band at the time. I have all their output except the tracks on Northcore: A Polar Scene Compilation. I believe that was the first ever release by Burning heart and I have never tracked it down. I think Doughnuts peaked with the Feel Me Bleed album - some of the tracks on that really rip. There is very little info about this band on the web - I have always been intrigued by them too. I only know the guitarist went on to Saidiwas and International Noise Conspiracy.


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