If ever there was a band that could emulate the sound of a horrific car accident it would be these guys.
Somehow they controlled their collective inner-chaos at times; long enough to spew forth this caustic-yet-unreleased 1982 session that no true Flipper fan should be without.

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Flipper - 1982 Studio Tape

UPDATE 04.18.2009:
I forgot to mention that Track 05 gets all glitchy.
I have heard three different versions of this recording and they all have the same fuckup.
If YOU find a non-flawed copy PLEASE send it my way

*RE-UPPED 06.16.2009*


  1. Howdy --
    Could you please re-upload this, or at least give me a track listing, if there is one.  I may have it and will compare it on track five if I have it already.
    Thanks --

  2. Thanks for all the great stuff. Srsly.
    Unfortunately the flipper link is not working ( for me at least)
    Old time S.F and Flipper guy. Help.

  3. Never mind I got it work. Thank you very,very,very much. FLIPPER RULES O.K ?

  4. Lo-Res Viscera6/16/2009 08:11:00 PM

    That's because I re-upped the link, buddy  ;)

  5. Lo-Res Viscera6/16/2009 08:13:00 PM

    I've re-upped it.
    Give it a listen & see what you think...

  6. Thanks, I haven't listened to it yet, but any new found Flipper material is worth a DL and a Thank You without a second thought. I just found your site, and as someone who grew up in the east bay area myself, it's great to find such a nice collection of local Nor Cal bands in one place.

    More later, after I explore some more and so forth.



  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the superb Flipper material :D

    (yours, not anonymously....wrighty)

    ps - Rapidshare bites hugely (but that's not your fault of course)....Mega or mediafire s'il vous plait, the filthy R earns money at your expense....premium account? Fahk orff

  8. Thanks Wrighty, enjoy that stuff.
    I realize RS is not a favorite in the blogging community, but I have the premium account because I do a bit of downloading myself, and that is where it pays off for me.
    MediaFire will no longer play well for me to U/L files, haven't been able to U/L to them in months.
    I can D/L MediaFire files just fine, but I think my IP might be blocked by them. Besides, their pop-ups constantly annoy the fuck out of me.
    Megaupload I just don't like the feel of. At all.

    If I am able to find a decent alternative I will, but for now this is what works best for me.
    To wait for a minute to D?L something ain't so bad, is it?

    thanks for stopping by


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