These guys were directly responsible for changing my mind about metal back in 1985.
It took a bunch of West German heshers to show me that thrashy metallic blasting was just as good as snotty violent hardcore, and thus my lifelong addiction to all things loud with violence was set on its path.

Here's their third outing - is it my favorite? That is hard to say, as the first four records are all classics (which surpass much of the output from many of the more well-known acts of the genre.

I do have to say that this one brings back some great memories of all-niter s8 sessions, ice water bongs, Jim Beam handles, purple microdot, my old '68 Coup de Ville (with the camo paint-job) - that was a great car. Damn.

Enjoy, as I will be gone to Tahoe for the weekend.
I've got some dog ashes to spread around the Sierra Nevada...

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Kreator - Terrible Certainty

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