There's not much going on in Novato, CA on most days.
It certainly isn't a "happening" place, there's no "scene" to speak of, and that makes it the perfect place to start your "KVLT" Black Metal band if you are Bone Awl!

In a genre quickly becoming the flavor of the week, Bone Awl skips all the usual trappings of subscribing to the narrow view / belief patterns of the movement, and their sound? Well, that's on another level too.
A shit-ton of cassette only releases, etc. only adds to the mystery behind these Bay Area cave-dwelling black mashers.

Check the cold raw hypnotic stylings for yourself, right here, on this cool live on-air radio set...

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Bone Awl - 05.21.2004 KFJC 89.7FM, Los Altos Hills, CA


  1. Bone Awl have rapidly become one of my favorites since I moved to CA I'd really like to catch them live seems like they'd be fucking blistering.

  2. "cold raw hypnotic stylings", fucking perfect description, needed something new to stick into my veins and this definitely did the trick.

  3. These guys are fantastic!


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