Here's a great-sounding vintage Devo treat for you...

The Spudboys were hard to beat back in the day, and this early performance is testimony to that as they tear through material from the first two albums.

I always enjoyed their early stuff, as they pretty much made digital tones on beautiful analog instruments better than anyone else. The first two albums are my favorites - especially "Duty Now" - but I'd say up through "New Traditionalists" it's all classic. After that they pretty much lost me.

For the record, Alan Meyers is one of the greatest drummers that ever beat the skins, and to me, it AIN'T Devo w/o him...

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Devo - 11.03.1978 Walker Art Center, Mpls. MN

Hawaii was fucking incredible.
I ate some amazing food, drank some decadent cocktails - I even put on a collared shirt! The beach was killer, did some boogie-boarding/surfing/swimming/snorkeling, our hotel resort was fucking plush, saw some amazing waterfalls/flora/fauna/coastline, went to BJ Penn's training facility, slept in, and just generally r-e-l-a-x-e-d.

The good times always go by too fast, don't they?


  1. Great post. I just saw them on their current tour last night - they played Freedom Of Choice in track order. Pretty awesome still.

  2. Dan -
    Yeah, they just played here in SF over the weekend, and if I hadn't gone to Hawaii, I'd a gone to see 'em they played 2 records 2 different nights here; Are We Not & Freedom of Choice, I believe.
    Also, I linked you again - sorry, but I forgot to back up my links before I redid my template ;)
    Nice to hear from you, and get your ass to Kuma's for me, willya?

  3. Ithink it's strange that my kids will only know Mark Mothersbaugh as the guy that draws pictures on Yo Gabba Gabba

  4. Nano -
    Hey I'm going to see PHOBIA next Sat 11/21 @ Slim's.
    They are opening for Municipal Waste.
    The Accused were supposed to be on this bill, but aren't on this leg of the tour, and some band named Cauldron?
    Anyways, I got on a list and will probably only stick around for PHOBIA - You goin?

    Municipal Waste is "kiddie thrash" - I take my thrash VERY seriously.

    You understand, I'm sure ;)

  5. Hey dude, cool post. If you dig old Devo check out the live set by a band called The Girls I posted a while back they were from Boston in the late seventies and ruled mightily. I wound up in a band with their old synth player Robin a few years back, hes a nut but a really nice dude.


  6. Moz -

    I'da totally picked you up & took you to the Eldopa reunion gig to see Acephalix, but GILMAN ST. CAN EAT A GIANT BAG OF HERPETIC DICKS in my book, tee hee.
    Plus, I've been hibernating away from all humans until I go back to work on Monday.

    *thanks for that Eldopa you posted up*

  7. Word gilman st does kinda have a douchey-ness about it but some bands are worth braving it for... eldopa were one of those bands that totally made me envious of the westcoast when I was a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere rural northeast. I actually wound up spending most of the day in the hospital thanks to a ruptured/ torn plantar fascia anyway. Fucked it up years ago and all of a sudden it just fucking let go. should be on my ass recovering but MY WORK WON'T GIVE ME TODAY OFF. FUCK!

  8. they (devo) had a few sick b&w photos @ the main library gallery (across the way from that overpriced cafe), that i would recommend you go to see...take the kiddo, and educate him

  9. Hang in there, Moz.
    Shit HAS to get better for you, bro!

  10. Thanks for the photo tip, Cutty.
    I'll probably check it out this week as the little man has overdue books ;)

  11. as much as the upcoming shows in toronto are going to rule, if alan myers was behind the kit, i'd completely lose it. sweet post!

  12. M.A.D.D. -

    Yeah, they ain't had the same energy w/o that Alan behind the kit, and I tend to want to believe that he wanted to get out before they totally sucked there, ya know?

    By the way, your illustration style is very nice - thanks for stopping by!

  13. Damn, the sound quality of this is way better than I was expecting! Thanks for posting this!

  14. thanks for the nice words about the illustration LRV! glad to come by and thanks for posting some awesome stuff that i'd either never heard or meant to hear for a bunch of years...


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