Quite possibly Poison Idea's most angry record, "War All the Time" was a ground-breaker for many a future new-school hardcore band.

Sadly, very few could pull this off.

You have to LIVE this kind of filth - day in & day out - you can't just turn it off and go back to your suburban roots after "band practice".

The (physical) price these guys paid day after day for years on end was testament to their sound, and the years of self-abuse finally took its toll on guitar-god Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts in early 2006.

While everyone has a favorite Poison Idea record, I seemingly go back to this more often than most; the lineup on this record was such a mish-mash of scumbag hardcores & thrash metal types and it just fucking worked...

Poison Idea - War All the Time

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  1. I love Poison Idea, Feel the Darkness is one of my favourite US Hardocre albums... but I haven't heard this one yet... Shame on me

  2. LOVE this record, not my fave Poison Idea - that would have to be Darby Crash rides again or Record Collectors are... but this is up there - another great post thank you & keep up the good shit! Cheers, Emile

  3. excellent choice. "War" is great record... probably my favorite PI.

  4. haven't heard this one either, thanks.

  5. I think I like "Ian MacKaye" the best... By the way, "Latest Will and Testament" is actually really awesome, way better than the two or three that came after "Feel the Darkness".

  6. Seeing how I didn't discover the great Poison Idea until my late 20's, I hadn't heard their later works until now. Great record. Thanks for this one.

  7. Hans - Enjoy, dude. They were one of the greatest of all time as I'm sure you well know by now...
    Do you work for Eastern Boarder?
    I work for Deluxe Distribution...

  8. They instantly became one of my favorites as soon as I heard them.
    I do work for Eastern Boarder. Did you know Gautam?

  9. Indeed I do know Gautam.
    He;s been gone a while now.
    I think he's a pharmaceutical rep now - YIKES!!!

  10. He is. There's something not right about that.
    He never did fill me in on the circumstances surrounding his departure from DLX.

  11. Let's just say there was a hatchet involved, Hans...

  12. Just snagged Feel The Darkness from Cosmic Hearse and saw this too...score! Thanks!

  13. seems not working. bro
    i don't have only the first song
    if you like sent it over if you're bored to upload it again

  14. http://lix.in/-846d86

    There you go, Mikxxx.
    Have at it...

  15. you are the man
    i buy your ouzo shot.....

  16. Thanks, Mikxxx, but I think I'll pass on the Ouzo ;)


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