I'm pretty sure that Lafayette, Indiana is no hotbed of death metal - there are quite a few douchey "famous" musicians from there, Google it - but Kyle Christman doesn't give a shit. While he's got, like, 2 or 3 other flavors of the metal goin' on most of the time, this here is his traditional old-school DM unit.

These guys create a chunky-gurgly din covered in cobwebs & sweat - not unlike my existence lately, which has been covered in metal shavings (work) and drywall dust (home). The kithcen remodel still has me displaced, so the posts will continue to be sporadic for a couple more weeks. Hang in there.
Comments would be great as those seem to be a thing of the past lately as well.

Catatonic Atrocity - Eradication of Humanity

Link in comments.


  1. every time i point a friend on over to this here blog i tell them 'be sure an leave a comment'
    bastards, i knoiw they been grabbin shit too
    ok, a list of 'musicians' from Lafayette, Indiana came up
    and no, i will not be repeating that name here
    ok, im gonna DL this fucker and play it while im cleanin my studio tomorrow
    thanks man


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