An absolute must-have from these rabid Italian grind masters!

24 tracks of non-stop battering; much like getting pummeled repeatedly in the side of the head with a volcanic-cinder brick, followed up by careeninging down an endless staircase made of broken glass, scraps of rusty metal, then finally coming to "rest" in a puddle of gasoline (and your own filth, of course).

Seriously though, this is some amazing thrashy-grind that stands on its own.

You can't go wrong with the Cripple Bastards...

Cripple Bastards - Variante alla morte

Link removed due to PunksandSkins dot com sucking my balls...


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  2. Kinda dig your solution to the blog rip off problem, by posting the download in your comments. Wish I could find a way to stop other idiot from using my direct links to sell ringtones. Anyway these guys rip, but you already said that much better than I ever could with the patented L-RV lingo. Thanx man.

  3. thank you ! cipple bastards are nuts!!1

  4. Los - you were the guy responsible for getting me addicted to PUNCH - so thanks again for that pal, I come back frequently to see the goings on here and take a risk or 2 on music before I run them down somewhere are buy a disc here and there/ Great work as usual - thanks for this one!


  5. and here i was thinking the italians couldnt write metal to save their life. this stuff is awesome.


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