Late night skateboarding in the hot sticky heat.
Long/late night drives in said heat.

This was a staple cassette in my car back in the day, and it still logs a lot of airtime on the iPod at work.
A classic Thrash/Crossover/whatever album for sure; I feel like these guys would have been bigger had they not had such cheesy album covers in their later catalogue.

Their first LP, and still their best.

Home renovation(s) for the last month have made the L-RV pretty much come to a standstill for the most part, but hopefully I'm back on track for my usual massive output of "one-post-per-week" average, ha ha.

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Sacred Reich - Ignorance

Link in comments.


  1. Cool post man, never heard these guys before but it's good stuff. Cheers for this

  2. this and the surf nicaragua ep are a great one-two punch. still a great memory seeing them before they got too bad.

  3. Great post. Great blog, too. Thanks a lot.

  4. fuck yes. i've been hunting for this stuff for years after wearing out my cassettes in high school. the reich also had some of the heaviest sounding thrash albums in their later years.

  5. linked on mine!
    Cheers from NYC
    No Beast So Fierce

  6. Cool, thanks Sean!
    Linking you up now, Broseph...

  7. "Death Squad" is a classic! Love this shit. I never heard anything they did after American Way, but I suspect that's for the best.

  8. Great stuff, nope I would not immortalize any of their album covers upon the side of a van.

  9. remember being stoked, when i saw this tape at the local music shop in mumbai. back then. Unfortunately, they closed down a while back. Good memories.

  10. Like what you've done with my photo of Wiley Arnett. :-) Would you mind crediting me though?

    BTW, it was taken at the Marquee in London. I regularly covered bands at the Marquee, having been encouraged to do gig photography by Paul Birch, currently of Revolver Records. It wasn't long before I was on Kerrang's freelance list. :-) I was on stage with a number of bands - Annihilator was another one. In this instance, Wiley saw me, asked if I wanted to do the shots on stage, and that was it. I told the band upfront that I'd only move in between numbers, so as not to distract them, so they could forget about me and concentrate on the music. In one shot I was a matter of inches from Wiley's effects pedal. :-)

    The photo was taken using an OM10, plus daylight balanced film pushed 2 stops. No flash - never use flash. And yes - manual focus. :-) Manual focussing at a gig has to become an instinct. You keep the camera glued to your face, instinctively focussing, with the other eye open for developing opportunities. The whole lot becomes seamless - you're not aware of focussing, and you're not consciously aware that you've seen a good shot, moved the camera to it, and taken it. :-)

  11. Fully credited now, Kevin - thank you!

  12. Thanks. :-) Appreciated. :-) Nice blog, BTW. :-)

    Had a chat with Wiley a few years back. I also met Phil Rind's son on-line. He didn't realise that his dad's band was so big until he saw the photos. As I recall, his son wants to be a bassist.


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