Legendary crusty-thrashcore from Nottingham, UK.

I'd be hard pressed to think YOU haven't heard of them before, so I'll spare you all the history lesson.
I will say though that they have been around since 1984, and plan to become active again in 2010.

Here is their first full-length release from back in 1985 - a year I found myself buried in a bag of weed, skateboards that were outfitted w/ Indy 169's or 215's, no intention of getting a job anytime soon - getting a fuckload of tattoos was more important, and this was part of the soundtrack to my becoming a grown-ass man screaming FUCK. THE. WORLD.

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next

Link in comments.


  1. how'd those tatoos work out?

  2. I just have one big one now, all good...

  3. Yet another great record I had totally forgotten about. Thanks for posting this J.

  4. When I saw you had a post for Concrete Sox, I was just thinking of how the full page photo of the guitarist of CS in the MRR “Welcome to Cruise Country” photozine was seared into my brain forever. Spiky hair, head tilted back, pyramid studs, Master of Puppets shirt, Explorer guitar, head tilted back screaming. Supposedly punk but SOOOOO metal in appearance. Confusing to my then-16 year old brain. And then poof...the very similar photo above loaded in.

    I still have that zine. If I get access to a scanner sometime soon I might scan it and send it to some blog to post. In the meantime...I’m downloading this.

    Jason/Michigan (no longer in Royal Oak, but with the stability of where I am now, I might move out tomorrow...)

  5. Fucking love this album, thanks for reminding me.

  6. Thx for posting! I grabbed this, burned it, and was actually very disappointed that my memory of it is far better than how the album actually is... But still, a walk down memory lane. Appreciated!

  7. I hear ya, Korgs. It has its moments tho still. Nice piece of history though.

  8. Glad you like the album. Hopefully, we'll have something new to release by the end of 2010.


    Cheers, Vic (Concrete Sox founder/guitarist/manager)...

  9. Download the album & more from the band website... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/concretesox

    Vic (Concrete Sox)

  10. Cool band, Warzone put them on in Belfast and after the show they gave all the money back for the cause...


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