I find it hard to believe that 440 posts in to this thing, I haven't ranted & raved over those death-grind kings from Birmingham yet...

While they've had numerous personnel changes and style changes, they have always kept the blast close at hand - also hard to believe is the fact that as a band they will have been together for 30 YEARS NEXT YEAR!

You can find most of their catalogue all over the web, but I pulled this 3-EP collection out today -hadn't heard it in some time- so thought I'd share, as it sounded real good to these ears.

(Jesse Pintado you are dearly missed, sir).

Napalm Death - Death by Manipulation

Link in comments.


  1. Napalm is hands down my favorite band. Old band, but fucking so damn relevant and more intense than most bands 20 years their junior. Smoking live. The spastic stage moves of singer Barney. It's all good. And everybody has to always say that they've had so many lineup changes, but save for Jesse's time the current 4 guys in the band have ALL been in the band since 1991 or earlier. That's pretty damn stable. Good call on ND man.

  2. Their latest record is the strongest release they've done in years. Can't wait til they come back out to the West Coast again, hopefully this year...

  3. Saw 'em support the Melvs in London back in '93. They were awesome. I've been listening to the first Venomous Concept lp a lot in the last year, I really like it. Yet to hear the new N.D. lp.

  4. No band has evolved (as one) like these guys without sucking. This is also the only band I don't mind that there's not any original members (I think Embury was on their masterpiece, in my opinion, FETO).

  5. Nice.
    From Enslavement to Obliteration is also my favorite...

  6. There was a cracking video of these playing in Cardiff (cental hotel gig i think) from 88, and a lighting rig fell on Shane's head and onto his back. It was funny as hell and yet he still carried on playing til it was lifted off him. One of their longer songs it was. wasn't a big rig.

  7. rocking an insect warfare shirt! total class.

  8. The gig is still up on Insect Warfare for me.
    I keep trying to dig them, but it just makes me want to listen to Napalm Death, basically.
    I'll give them another shot though...

  9. Glad you put this up just a month before we get them: Napalm Death and Suffocation in Mexico City on May 5th. Thanks man!


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