New Jersey seems to pump out some top-shelf brutal bands, doesn't matter if we're talking hardcore or metal here, folks.
You can't argue with that.

Dripping plays some extremely fucked up - I mean that in the best way possible - gurgled-out & gluggy brutal death complete with sick-ass samples, bass runs buried in mud, syrupy drum-flam-damage, adderall-addled vocal incoherence, etc. Altogether it adds up to a winning formula for me - one that I can say makes them one of my favorites for sure.

The internets says they are still active, but it's been years since they've released anything new. I'd love to see these guys onstage - it's got to be something amazing to witness this barely-controlled mess in a live setting.

Dripping - Disintegration of Thought Patterns During A Synthetic Mind Travelling Bliss

Link in comments.


  1. Really feelin' this, thanks!

  2. Right on, Chris!
    Dig up their other stuff, it's just as kick-ass.

  3. Serious quality album! thanks for the intro to it.

  4. Cool, glad you dig it.
    Thanks for the comment, it's a fucking ghost town around here lately...

  5. exactly as you described it! good shit

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  7. fave new band...this is why LoRes Viscera is the shit!!!

    (sorry for lack of comments...this blog is kinda hard for my browser to handle is all)


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