A criminally underrated Heavy/Thrash unit from Seattle, these guys kept it going for almost 30 years(!?!) only to pack it in last summer after a million lineup changes, death, bad blood, label drama & whatnot.

Kurdt Vanderhoof plays some seriously tastefully classic metal-infused with gritty chunka-chunka throughout this here, their debut release. While it never got better than this album for me, the first three records are all pretty solid throughout. The fucking riffs on this thing though are fucking monstrous to say the least.

Did you know Lars Ulrich was "almost" in this band?
So fucking GLAD that
"the worst famous drummer in metal" couldn't make it to practice often enough...

Metal Church - Metal Church

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  1. I know this million year old bike messenger who claims he wrote all the songs on their first demo. Now he plays bosa nova organ at old folks homes.

  2. Definitely more talented than Metallica, too bad they couldn't keep it together with the Rev. David Wayne, RIP brother!

  3. Yo Thrips -

    You think dude ever got laid because of that little snippet?


    By the way, I will be linking up your O.R.A. blog here shortly, can you link me back? There's good stuff on there, will check it out later tonite...

  4. Metal Church was amazing. Their first three records are classic, but for me their best one was Hanging In The Balance. I rank that up there w/Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction for great thrash/heavy metal albums.


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