On this, the seventh anniversary of the War in Iraq, I post this way-under-the-radar (no pun intended) Midwestern Thrash heavyweight via request from my good friend, Nano247. I'm sure he can fill us in on these guys. Kind of reminds me at times of a cross between Nuclear Assault & Exodus, but see for yourself.

I couldn't resist using this photo, and yes, the war SUCKS but this record certainly doesn't. Milwaukee thrash, baby...

Realm - Endless War

Link in comments.


  1. often laughed at at the time for their christian themed lyrics, as well as the 'King diamond wanna-be' falsetto singer - but the bottom line is these guys could shread - add to it the off-time solos - for this time period was very different from the kreator/slayer typo thrash - only cought them live once - and i was wasted (go figure) - but this album has stood the test of time (for this music fan at least) - the follow up wasn't nearly as well recieved - it was def one of those "we did this one for ourselves" kind of thing the two early demos were eatin up as fast as they hit the streets, and actualy used to own a copy of the 'Perceptive Incentive' tape - god i'm old - and honestly , those shorts are horrendous - but then again - it is Wisconsin
    thank you for being true to your word about putting this up - you are a good man - and on an off note - that vid you posted on twitter of the break time shredding was def worth a few 'replays'

  2. HAHAHA, I had the album Suiciety back in the day. It'll be interesting to give this one a listen.
    This is one of the weirdest, funny, MADD songs ever!...

  3. I recall realm doing a pretty good cover of "eleanor rigby"... Man, oh man, this shit takes me back.

  4. "I post this way-under-the-radar (no pun intended) Midwestern Thrash heavyweight" truer words have not been spoken, these guys are very underrated, and unfortunately quite obscure.. certain parts remind me of D.A.M., and Grinder, yet 2 other bands that i personally think didn't get nearly as much credit as they should have...

  5. Love that photo!! Stars and stripes lycra is just class!

    Record is awesome, takes me back to those good ol' days...

  6. Yeah, I'll always pull for the occasional thrash, just like in the old days with my "thrash" jacket (green work type jacket) that I would end up pulling off as I heated up and created my own dancing-with-the-empty-jacket thrash dance at like DRI or many others

  7. one of my best friends is the brother of the drummer of realm. he was a funny dude. i remember a couple friends referring to realm as opera metal because of the vocals. i like both their albums though. they were recently remastered and re-issued on cd.

    and the drummer is now in a band with the singer of die kreuzen called decapitado. i want to check them out sometime when i go back to visit.

  8. Viacom -

    Thanks for stopping by, I always dig your posts @ DU & on YouTube...


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