Twenty-five years. Has it been that long?


Twenty-five years ago :
a). I graduated from high school.
b). I smoked forty acres of weed a day.
c). I stayed up all night (most nights).
d). I was obsessed with skateboarding (still am).
e). I did everything I could to remain unemployed all summer long.
f). I would go road-trippin' at the mere mention of it.
g). This record came out.

It became a major part of my daily soundtrack for the next few years.

There's a few different / somewhat worthy bands that you could say have "The Chicago Sound", but THIS record is the pinnacle for me.
"All Rise" was titties too, but the guitar & bass tones on this slab cut both sharp & deep (as well as L-O-U-D), and it put these guys at or near the top of the (post?) hardcore heap..

Honestly? I haven't listened to this record in MANY years all the way through, & right now it's reminding me of this sick old Levi's denim vest I used to wear all the time - where the fuck is that thing anyways..?

Naked Raygun - Throb Throb

Link in comments.

UPDATE 12.06.2010:

Link removed due to bot-leeches at punksandskins.com

By the way...

The Lo-Res Viscera "hotel" is closed.
Mom had a lovely time & went back to MI, my NYC & ATL crews have gona back home as well.
The kitchen remodel is 93.4% done, the hangovers are becoming fewer in between, and things are starting to fall back in line, so hopefully - I know you've heard this before - the posts will be more frequent.

Thanks for stopping by, as always (all five of you), ha ha.


  1. Mate - have not heard this in SUCH a long time - one of the finest - thanks for putting it up & keep up the good work! Take it easy, Emile

  2. Do you remember this LP coming packaged with a shirt? In the late 80s my friend from high school was borrowing this from someone and said so, adding the shirt was terrible quality and ripped the same day. I found it a little hard to believe a band would okay a shoddy product (a label is a little different). Other than that, this record is great! No one has yet captured their original, anthemic, melodic style.

    JMD (no longer in Royal Oak)

  3. JMD - Where'd you move, dude?

    I had the cassette back in the day, but if I had seen the LP w/ a shirt, I would have certainly bought it. I would imagine that the shirt be a cheap throwaway myself, most of the time they are (promo shit).

  4. Soundtrack to my life senior year of HS. Raygun used to have section of their shows devoted to "free shit," where they'd throw shirts and what-not into the audience. But yeah, I doubt Throb Throb would have been issued with a shirt.

  5. Make that six man, pretty much could comment on every post but you know... Thanx for this.

  6. Beautiful record, good to see people getting exposed to it. I miss NR big time.

  7. #7 Jason!

    I had the denim jacket w/ patch on the back too!!!

  8. wow
    25 years
    i was smoking 40 acres of weed a day too, sudenly i woke up and i was in my 40's
    thanks for this, it should be in my hard copy collection - think i'll poke around and cough up the bucks for a cd re-ish

  9. I always dug the cover.
    I'm working on that request for you, Nano.

  10. that is some great artwork - that suggestion poped in my head when i read your tweet this morn

  11. Thank you so much! I have been looking for the FOREVER!!!!

  12. Wow 25 years, used to see these guys & Life Sentence all the time with local punk heroes Naked Hippy. They always put on a great show!

  13. Steve/expat Chicagoan5/26/2010 08:28:00 AM

    anyone have or come across NR's "Free Shit?"

  14. awesome thanks!

  15. Jeff playing with Steve Albini in Big Black is all amazing, rarely played out of Chicago, but were something to behold, get some live Big Black Kerosene on here! Also Eric Spicer, NR Drummer, played on the PailHead 7 inches with Al Jorgesen and Ian MacKaye

  16. I saw Big Black once in Ann Arbor, MI in '86, I think it was. Laughing Hyenas played as well.
    That Pailhead record was pretty cute - never been a fan of Jourgensen myself.

  17. Ian made the pailhead series pretty good, Jougensen is a bit of a tool, similar to Danzig, as in too into their own trip.

  18. Agreed. I actually liked that corny Egg Hunt EP thing Ian did after M.T. Danzig is just plain funny - a friend saw him "in concert" a few months ago, & said he couldn't stop staring at his bald spot as the night progressed, ha ha!

  19. Ian (and Jeff) have always been able to harness a power that did not have to be loud or fast, but from a deeper location in the soul, what hardcore is really about, my opinion. Me and You was he better track on the EggHunt 7 inch.


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