While I always felt that the vegan sXe thing was taken, oh, "just a bit too seriously", I gotta admit some of those bands fucking rocked, and Tennessee's Raid were pretty bad-ass at the whole jud-jud/breakdown/pick squeal/gang vocal thing.
This record is definitely a lost gem of the first-generation Hardline era - check it out if you like this kind of stuff. It ain't perfect - there are some corny-ass vocal moments on here - but overall the level of thick-neck / meat-head old-school metal 'core ranks highly.
I appreciate the sentiment - er - "level of caring", but overall I wonder if these guys actually feel this way now that they are in their late twenties / early thirties. Anyways, there ain't nothin' wrong with livin' your life for you, now is there?

Make your own decision on the issues presented to you here, but let it be known that this record is chock-full of some serious beatdown 'core!

Raid - Above The Law

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  1. I bought this when it came out, and it still kills. Vegan No Edge!

  2. Bought this when it came out, and it still kills.
    Vegan no edge!

  3. I can tell you for a fact, they for the most part are vastly different belief-wise. the drummer and bass player worked at the local skate shop, which also sold HC/punk records. I eventually became the record guy at the skate shop and worked with steve, the drummer. now he's a major in the army.

    chad, one of the guitar players, got metal then became a complete hippy and was dumpster diving and playing bongos in the park.

    mark, the bass player, moved to dallas and i think became a park ranger, but i don't know for sure.

    played basketball against jason, the other guitar player. cool guy.

    steve, the vocalist, became a hip-hop guy and is still around and from what i hear is a pretty cool guy as well.

  4. Thanks for this Res!

    Always a pleasure to visit over here - you post some cool stuff!

  5. Of course I should have checked with you first, Ben, as you are the king of TNHC ;)
    I think it's time for a reunion...

  6. The retrospective disc that they released between a few labels was great because is showed their progression from the more hardcore side to the uber-metallic approach of "Blood Green" and all that. Still love Raid.

  7. I was never really a fan of these guys. I'm more a fan of the hesher dude at the front of the stage in this photo. The one flippin' the bird.

  8. I believe you are the only one who caught that, Complaint Dept...

  9. this past summer there was a reunion for the club(the Antenna) that used to hold all the shows and Recoil played it. Recoil was one of the bands that used to play with Raid and even did a Raid cover during their set and it was a virtual time-warp since people came out of the woodwork for it. I doubt the Raid people will ever do a full-blown reunion, but I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two of them sit in and do something with Recoil.

  10. well ben's sorta right... as a full fledged member of the stomp crew i kinda keep up a little better!
    steve L is a park ranger outside san francisco with his family and is really into dub stuff!

    steve C is in the army

    chad is quit playing guitar and is a bongo playing hippie who still plays in a few bands.

    mark and jason live in atlanta, mark is a pilot for some airline and doesn't play music anymore and jason makes some pretty outlandish right wing statements on facebook and believes what he says!

    steve is talking about doing the antenna thing next year as it's the 20yr anniv.

    so you got it 1/2 right ben!
    love brian

  11. St Vitus motherfuckers6/10/2010 10:02:00 AM

    Living ones life as they want is fine, as long as I don't have to physically defend myself against 10 other macho straight-edgers whom feel that I should too. Good thing I legally carry or I would have gotten completely beat down...

  12. WHats the name of the Super pissed muslem chug band that turnned into fall out boy?
    That shit was tits

  13. I think that was RACETRAITOR?
    No idea really, never heard 'em myself, almost curious now that you brought it up though...


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