Just to re-state the obvious...

James Murphy is (a goD), and one of the founding fathers of classic Florida Death Metal as far as guitarists go.
Stints in Death & Obituary (amongst others) proves his legacy.

On this here beast of a record, Mr. Murphy played everything except drums.
He didn't sing either, but his six-string efforts certainly do.
James drives the tempo & atmosphere of each song with tasteful & memorable riffs that are still unique to this day.

If you haven't heard this, now is the time to be blown away.
If you are familiar, re-aqcuaint yourself with the mastery of Mr. Murphy's PURE death metal guitarwork...

Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind

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  1. I worked with James while he was doing this project, he was one of a couple of celebs the ACES RECORDS founder/owner had on staff to draw more people into the store. Strange thing is though, that alot, ALOT of people would come in to see James, and the owner would bitch because James would be running the dubbing machine hot making copies of the demo for this record, and it wasn't free to play other stuff to try to sell cd's and all. I swear james made 10 or 15 copies of his demo for sale in a day for a while back then. Good times, great guy and album. Keep it up Lo-Res!

  2. Thanks for sharing that, GL.
    Awesome story...

  3. His solo on 'Chopped In Half' just gets me right in the balls every time.

  4. Man, this is why I always check out your blog, I fucking LOVE this album. Disincarnate has always been in my top ten list of Death metal bands and they are the only one on there with only one full length. My Roadrunner re-issue is scratched and my old hard drive took a shit on me, so this is killer.


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