S.F. Death Metal stalwarts who may have coined the name for the genre - that's old news to many of you, I know - but honestly? I don't think these guys ever got as much attention / respect as they are worthy of.

While Seven Churches is the standout long-player of their catalog, I would have to say that this little EP is solid from start to finish (Joe Satriani produced? Really?), and could very well be my favorite of all their recorded output. The guitars are hot-sounding, and the vocals are agonizing in their feel.

Excellent thrash / death from back in the day...

Possessed - The Eyes of Horror

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  1. Haven't heard this one, so thanks!

  2. Yes, I totally agree that this is a very solid ep and that they should have gotten more respect!I always reach for this and "Beyond the Gates".....nice post!

  3. I agree...I always find myself digging this out over 'Seven Churches' and 'Beyond the Gates'.

  4. Excellent post-thanks!

  5. Possessed, a must have for any metalhead. Both are good albums, but I think Seven Churches is better.

  6. Seven Churches is a classic, but I just think this one is a real solid gut-punch. I like how it is short & to the point. No overkill, just all business...

  7. A little late to this post, but goddamn...what a great album. I was a BIG Possessed fan back in the day and was so disappointed that they broke up after this one because I really liked where their music appeared to be headed.

    Ah well. If you haven't heard this one, you're doing yourself a disservice. Killer EP and it still holds up today.


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