Here's a wonderfully dingy, obnoxiously abrasive, & poignantly juvenile record from one of my favorite Boston HC bands ever, Bulge, née, Psycho.

I used to write to Charlie Infection way back when I was a shit-kid skaterat back in the mid-Eighties in mid-Michigan, and he would send me tons of flyers, homemade stickers, cassette comps, etc.
I am sure I wasn't the only one he wrote back to; I gotta say that all the cool stuff that he sent me over the years warped my young & impressionable weed-addled-sponge-of-a-mind by helping me to realize that you really could do whatever the fuck you wanted with your life if you really wanted to, and gnarly-ass hardcore, skateboarding, tattoos, a broke(n) family, & a small midwestern hick-town upbringing/existence just helped to stir the pot for what came next in (my) life.

Anyways, I'm rambling on about the path I took, but for what it's worth, Charlie Infection is 52, still jams with Psycho, puts out (aXctio) Records, etc. - what do you think you'll be up to when you're 52? You gotta make it there first, son.

(By the way, Bulge was the pseudonym that Psycho used when they backed GG Allin on his classic LP, "Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies" ).

Bulge - Penis Rising

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  1. Awesome post, I totally agree that Charlie I was probably the nicest guy in mailorder back in the late 80's, no? Ax/ction Records was my schooling in fast Boston hardcore, without them (and an envelope stuffed with like a thousand tiny flyers every other week) who knows where my musical tastes would have gone... No checks - no Ripoffs! I recently posted a couple pre-"Penis Rising" Bulge cassettes, check 'em out if you're interested - "http://idlegenocide.blogspot.com/search/label/BULGE". Later!

  2. How the hell did I NOT have your awesome blog IDLE GENOCIDE in my links?
    Well I just fixed that...

    Anyways, yeah - I got a nice collection of those Brian Walsby-drawn paper band sketch stickers because of Charlie, and coming from a small nowhere town, all those fliers blew my mind just trying to fathom how cool it would be to go to a "real" punk show!

    Thanks for the Bulge link as well - always looking for more stuff by them as I only had this and the "We are Bulge" EP...

  3. Hey man, just put some more Bulge on my Idle Genocide blog - the "L.O.A.D." 7" along with the bonus track from their "Tasteless" cassette. Enjoy bro!


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