The only Exodus vocalist that matters for me was Paul Baloff.

While the rest of the band has continued on and made great music, what is missing for me is that frayed edge, the unknowing - that feeling you get the moment before unforeseen tragedy strikes.

That's what Paul Baloff brought to the fold.

While he may not have been the prettiest, or best singer in the Bay Area Thrash Scene of the Eighties, Baloff was "the cold, hard & grim reality" screaming maniacally in your face.

To me, he was perfect for what a real thrash band was about.

Sadly, he ain't with us any more, but this here is a choice collection of material spanning the infamous "Studio 54 gig", some early demos, & a few live cuts featuring (the future / other guitar player from Metallica - the one who ISN'T gay), Kirk Hammett.

A nice addition for any TRUE "Poser Killer" like yourself.

Exodus - Bonded by Baloff

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  1. Souza loyalist here. This is a great album though. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this. Bonded By Blood is one of my all time favorites, and even though some of the Zetro stuff is good, they never came close to that first record again.

  3. Zetro was good, no doubt, but nothing compared to the Baloff material - how could it - it was the heydey of thrash/crossover, and they were writing the book on it at the time. Anthrax part of the "Big 4"? Fuck that!

    I was on tour as a roadie w/ a band back in 2002 as a roadie - I'll say they were on Interscope & signed for aA LOT of $$$ & totally sucked from after one release - and we were on the bill w/ Exodus in a few towns that year. Gary & Rick were/re fukin'rad dads/dudes who deserve more than what they get - $$$-wise & respect-wise in the scene. Exodus was fucking rad, and EVERYONE should acknowledge them.

    There's a shit-ton of bands who have ripped their riffs (ham-fistedly) for years. Souza is strong, but why would anyone honestly step to the mike & try to top Baloff?

  4. Saw these guys in '84 with Venom and Slayer, the absolute perfect mix of what was going on in metal back then. Of the three, Exodus got the least credit for their massive input. Thanx for this huge mix, dude.

  5. I was lucky enough to see Exodus with Balhoff when they supported Venom at the Hammersmith Odeon in '85. Bonded is the best Bay Area album bar none (It pisses over Kill 'em all) that sound IS the sound of Bay area thrash no doubt about it. Saw them a couple of times with Zetro too. They were good but Balhoff ruled.

  6. you would'nt want to sell this would you? - ohwellmonkey

  7. Nope, sorry. I bought the disc years a few years ago n a used record shop in Chicago while on a visit. The label says "Volve" records on it, but no address - obviously a boot - but it does indeed smoke...

  8. The Studio 54 + 3 demo tracks were released by Combat as "A Lesson In Violence" and went out of print fast (I have it) as the company soon folded, those Hammett tracks are bootleg-only. Killer disk. I'm with you, The Loff was not only THE voice of "Exo-death" as he would often say, but THE voice of thrash as far as I'm concerned. I'm not DLing this as I don't need to, but wanted to write anyway just to toss my hat in the "Loff Is God" ring. THANK YOU for the continued audiogression! - Some Jackoff

  9. Saw Exodus at Sneakers in CT Shortly after Baloff was "Released"..Zetro not in the same league as Baloff..I Asked/Harrased Tom what happened with Paul..clearly annoyed he replied "that's all anubody wants to talk about"..I Think they thought they could dump him with no big deal about it..Baloff was Exodus.the band themselves didn't get that!

  10. I agreee.
    Anyone else who has fronted Exodus has been judged as "it ain't Baloff" - AND FOR GOOD REASON!!!


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