This is easily one of the greatest "comedy" records I have ever heard.

Rick Shapiro is seriously amazing when it comes to painting a picture with his voice / expressions / mannerisms - they call that "improvisation" I suppose- but Rick transcends all that.

If you don't know who he is, Google around a bit - do your homework - because he's been around for years, & under-appreciated for most of his career.
A checkered past? Rick? FUCK YES! I would expect no less from a man who truly knows what the fuck he is doing when he takes the mic.
As far as the world of "stand-up" goes, Shapiro & Stanhope are "on the real tip" - sadly, Hedberg bit it a few years ago, and Geraldo? Well, I wanted to dig that dude, but his schtick gave me a rash more than anything else. Enough about those other dudes - Rick Shapiro is a fucking madman who is completely on-point; his material ain't "material" - it just IS...

Rick Shapiro - Unconditional Love

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  1. Whitney Houston
    in a Penny Marshall film

  2. I've heard of him, but haven't heard any of his stuff. You say his name in the same sentence as Stanhope, and I'm sold. Can't wait to hear this.


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