A bit of long-lost & under-appreciated Swedish Death Metal, Carnage often get overlooked when it comes to said country's DM lineage.
These dudes were mere pups at the time of this recording, and didn't get the attention that Entombed & Dismember received - "Left Hand Path" blew the fuck up around this same time…

Some classic Swedish twin-guitar attack tones, fat & chunky, rumbling bass lines thickening it all up, and I must admit I rather enjoy the drumming on this release quite a bit - some interesting fills & tempos played within the riff, etc.

Some of these dudes went on to bigger bands, but honestly I can't say as though I liked anything those dudes were/are involved with other than when they were in Carnage.

This is a SEMINAL release as far as Swedish DM goes, but you knew that already, right?

Carnage - Dark Recollections

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  1. yes. yes it is. like dismember + carcass. pre-suck mike amott and fred estby. this is easily my favorite swedish death album. i love "infestation of evil."

  2. Yes, a great one here! "Infestation of Evil" and "Malignant Epitaph" are my two favorite tracks but really they all rip!


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