So-Cal hardcore that "the kids" like to call "fastcore", but to be honest, that tag seems to weaken a powerful band in my opinion - no need to call them that as a true hardcore band is based on that element, correct?

(The kids aren't always aware of this though, I forget sometimes)…

Anyways, these guys were around for a few years in the early 2K's, and they proudly & shamelessly wore their first-generation (classic) American Hardcore band influences on their sleeves - yet they added a new-school element to the mix w/o the massive earlobes and girls jeans, per se'.

They may have not been the most original, but their prolific output is without a doubt powerful, and stands on it's own, for sure - much like the buzz from the beers I've been drinking since I got off work tonite…

Knife Fight - Out of Print: 2002-2004

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  1. "massive earlobes and girls jeans" hehe

  2. Thanks for this! Cheers, Emile

  3. Call me old (it's ok, I'm old), but "hardcore," by definition, is FAST. If it's not fast, it's not "hardcore." It's something else - Just not that. The fucking stupid word "fastcore" panders to the fucking stupid attitude that hardcore can be music that is not necessarily fast. Fuck that. But what the fuck do I know, I'm old. - Some Jackoff

  4. These guys are actually still around and just did a killer ep called isolated.

  5. I wanted to laugh at "massive earlobes and girls jeans" too, haha! Fucking librarian glasses too. Anyway, looking forward to hearing this.


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