Let's start the year off by ripping & tearing into a greasy fat chunk of meat from the Carcass of some of Liverpool's finest gore-death mongers ever known to filet the riffs, shall we?

Not much needs to be said - a visceral power-trio if there ever was - Bill, Jeff, & Ken lay down the heavy - w/ the grind - w/ the atmosphere to create something unique in the gore/death/grind genre.
We all have our favorite era of Carcass, and I pretty much like all of them - really. This one is cleansing my palate quite nicely right now.

Rediscover this if you haven't already.

Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness

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Kind Reader:

Sorry the year didn't go out with a bang around here. I was totally sick w/ the flu all through the Xmess holiday, then I barely recovered a day before I had to fly (last-minute) back to MI for my Grandmother's funeral service.

That was the relaxing part of the last two weeks for me in many ways; the flights I took were all delayed/almost missed/or rebooked. I spent New Years Eve by myself in a hotel in Cleveland for fucks' sake - then I got flown to Newark, NJ the next day so that they could put me on plane EIGHT HOURS LATER bound for SF.


Let's all hope that 2011 holds something better than what 2010 shit out.


  1. Well, that was not an easy start, but I hope what will follow of this new year will be gorgeous for you!
    Btw, Carcass ruled and still rule monstruously ...

  2. It's all good, Mari - I'm still here, ya know?

    BTW, that Lord by Fire post was nice - they are MUCH better than The Sword - always liked the RVA Sword/Lord by Fire...

  3. Sorry to hear the troubles, but glad you're safe, and this post is a heck of a way to start the year off! I have this one, but wanted to express the appreciation for the good taste. - Some Jackoff

  4. Thanks, SJ.

    i figure pretty much anybody who frequents this blog has this; many times I try to be a catalyst to revisit the classics per se - this post being one of those...


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