You can't go wrong with - (nor can you be a true fan of the rock) - if you don't have some Motörhead in your collection…

While you probably have a shit-ton of it (as do I), I find these recordings from the "On Parole" re-issue super-intriguing in the fact that this session sounds like boozy "bar rock" - but in a way that sounds good, ya know?
Much more of a 50's / 60's rock style coming from this - the original lineup - than the airborne volume machine that they would become shortly thereafter.

A nice touch, for sure, and something every fan of the band should own.

Motörhead - On Parole: The Dave Edmunds Tracks

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  1. Got the original OP and the whats words worth so i was curious on this...a must have! Thanks!

  2. Classic. Thanks!

  3. ARMEDnHAMMERED5/20/2011 03:28:00 PM

    Thanx. Actually been enjoying your last few posts. A break from the long running grind/thrash/death etc.posts. Loving the variety lately. Cheers


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