Absolutely one of the finest "hardcore" bands there ever was.

They sounded like no one else before them, and a million bands have fallen short of the mark of trying to emulate their sound (which came from pure anguish, feeling, pain, & emotion). The crumbing concrete eroding in Mr. Maggio's throat is testament to that, and the guitar tones / riffs are some of the most unique I've (still) ever heard. Fast, heavy, metallic, core-as-fuck? It's all here...

You really should have everything by these guys, and if you don't already, i'd be completely surprised. Alas, this record needs to be celebrated, so have at it.

Rorschach - Remain Sedate

Link in comments.


  1. Amen. Fucking amazing band and a true original. I think Remain Sedate and Systems Overload were the only records I listened to during my 10th grade summer vacation back in the day. Just those two records in an endless obsessive rotation for months on end. Good times.

  2. Thanks for sharing. You've almost become like my radio.

  3. still i think protestant is their pinnacle...

  4. Dig around, you'll find that posted on here already, Javs...

  5. oh bud thanks so much been lookin for this for ever,,,i saw them on this tour in montreal like 91 with antischism was a sik show then when that show was done went and watched dayglo abortions at foufounes in mtl the 2 dogs fukin tour great memories thx


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