While this is a band I lost interest in eons ago, and this is also a record that was far from my favorite, it did have it's moments - unfortunately, their weren't many due to the lack of bottom end, etc.

We all know and love Cliff Burton, but Jason Newsted had a brass set of huevos for walking away from a bunch of egomaniacal limp-dicks who whined & pissed & moaned over trivial problems that people like you and me have to deal with on a daily basis.

For that alone, I back the dude, & can honestly say that Lars & James can eat a big fat bag of cancerous dicks. Learn how to play the fucking drums, and see if you can remember how to write a sick riff - never mind…
Anyways, there are rumors that this was done by a fan who boosted the bass levels to bring Jason up in the mix where he belongs, while others say the bass tracks were lifted from Guitar Hero or somethin' like that.

Either way, it is an interesting little collector's item.

Metallica - …And Justice for Jason

Link in comments.

(It'll be interesting to see how long this link stays up)…


  1. I always thought that AJFA was a big letdown and a big insult to Newstead with the decision to reduce his bass to virtually inaudible levels. I like some of the songs, but man, the production was so bad compared to Master or even the 5.98 EP. Should be an interesting listen! Thanks, as always for sharing your music!

  2. thank you, thank you.

  3. I truly love this record.. But yeah... Some bass guitar would have been nice. I bet there were never bass tracks recorded.

  4. ajfa is actually my favourite album despite the mix, but i think this mix is actually worse. the bass is way too high and the eq'ing and whatever processing has been done to the transients makes the kickdrums painful to listen to when they hit. especially on the shortest straw. oh well. thanks anyway :D

  5. Nice, always wondered what this would sound like with a proper mix.

  6. thanks for the post. This was the last of the Metallica liking for me. I saw them once in each year from '84 through '89. When Cliff was with them they were Metallica. After that they took Jason's sound away and Kirk was just a bystander. Thanks again Res\m/

  7. well said, well-written and the title is perfect. i have no use for this band- a whiny bunch of self-absorbed wankers well past their stale-date, but i'm tempted to get this just because on some level it would bug them...

  8. Thanks Jason, I'm glad I snatched this before Hetfield Ulrich Inc. takes it down.

  9. Napster Em All5/08/2011 10:49:00 PM

    Jason was smart to bail on Tittanica. Flotsam and Jetsam's first album is pretty good with Jason on the 4 string. You probably have it here somewhere.

  10. KA and AJFA, are the only records I like from them but I end up listening to AJFA more times.
    The problem with Jason sound on this record it's totally of his responsibility because he's too glued to what James was doing instead of coming up with great basslines to compliment the songs. No amount of raising up his sound can hide that fact - I have not listened to the remix and don't intend to, there is far too many music around to waste time on this album.

  11. Interesting take, but your completely fucking wrong.

    History shows (Some Kind of Monster) that Metallica turned into an ego-driven machine - were Jason to "come up w/ great bass lines", he'd be out in a sec.
    It is entirely Metallica's fault as well that they would want it this way - why would you hire a guy to play bass if you didn't want to hear them?

    The recording is nothing more than a fan-related item, so don't get all worked up. You don't have to listen to it - it's just a novelty anyways. I myself have listened to bits & pieces of it the few years I've owned it.

    Thanks for your commentary, but you are definitely alone in your stand on this...

  12. No need to get so carried away with metallica, they don't deserve it, regarding the movie I'rather watch a Beyoncé video ;).
    My previous appreciation on Jasons playing is only related to what I hear in the album. What happened during the recording sessions I don't know I wasn't there and don't really care. I believe he is way better now with Voivod, which is a wayyy more interesting band.
    Regarding the fan take on the mix, I should have not dismissed it before giving it a try (I tell my kids to not do that all the time, so I gave it a listen)I believe we all do it all the time, well not all the time but on records that could benefit from a different treatment.
    Keep up the good work

  13. I hear ya, Badseed. It took nearly four years of this blog's existence for them to make an appearance here. They were a valid band at one point in my life - like when I was a teenager in the late Eighties, etc.

    As far as Voivod goes, well... THEY ARE ONE OF THE FUCKING BEST BANDS EVER!!!


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