First of all, look at that cover art and tell me how could this possibly suck? It doesn't.

There is a case to be made for small-town America in the fact that sometimes it is places like Penndel, PA that drive you to release that pent-up sameness of the day-in / day-out small-town mentality, and luckily for us, this is what transpired in the form of Deteriorate. What they brought to the table back in 1993 was some solid American Death Metal. Torturous throat bellowing, chunky riffs, fat bottom-end bass pummel, & some solid drumming driving the way through the cacophony.

A rare-as-fuck lost classic of the genre - relive it or discover it...

Deteriorate - Rotting in Hell

Link in comments.


  1. Shit yes! I used to have their first demo. It fucking rips. I'm pretty sure I had this too at some point. Downloading now, thanks!

    I just found the demo here:

    They aren't separated into searchable posts though, you'll just have to dig. I'll bet you are up for the challenge though. There are tons of awesome old demos here too. Good bitrates. This guy does it right.

  2. Thanks for digging that demo up, stoked to have it!
    This is the best part of having a blog... thank you...

  3. There was some unlistenable shit that came out on JL America, but this one totally fucking ripped (as did Master's Hammer and Beherit). Got the CD still, but had to throw the 2 cents in. Thx! - Some Jackoff


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