The past month has been one filled w/ travel, beer, relaxation, BBQ, beer, good times & beer, so I thought I'd be a pal and punch you right in the dick via this unrelenting slab of violence & aural abuse courtesy of a few gnarly cholo-grinders from the Southland.

These guys came & went way too fast, but the good shit never lasts long, does it? If you're looking for a contemporary band flying this brand of freak-flag, search for BLOODY PHOENIX in the archives of this here blog (if you haven't got that already)...

Excruciating Terror - Divided We Fall

Link in comments.


  1. god i love this album. i discovered ET about the same time i found phobia (can't remember which came first). it made a huge impact on me. american grind just sounded so friggen HUGE at the time. ET, phobia, catheter and assuck sounded so much larger and more abrasive than the european stuff.

    also check out the endless demise. they have some ex-ET guys and they're OK but not as good as bloody phoenix.


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