Formed in the outskirt suburbs of Boston nearly 20 years ago, these guys have been prolific in their output over the years, yet they remain largely under appreciated for their very kick-ass take on power-chord hardcore - not unlike Poison Idea in many ways, and hey, that's good, right?

No need for a history lesson as the record holds its own...

D/L Out Cold - Permanent Twilight World right here.


  1. This is a great band. I didn't realize it'd been nearly 20 years...

  2. Unstoppable band..
    first album that i buyed was goodbye cruel world and was so excited...still now one of my favourite albums.
    everytime i feel frustrated i give it a spin...
    do you have the first (self-titled) lp of them?

  3. Nope, wish I did.
    I have: Goodbye Cruel World, Lost Cause, No Eye Cintact, Permanent Twilight World, Planned Accidents, Two Broken hearts are Better Than One, Warped Sense of Right & Wrong, Will Attack If Provoked, & splits w/ For the Worse & No Side...


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