A side project of Dean and Woody from the REAL Corrosion of Conformity - not that Pepper Keenan bullshit version of said band - that came out years ago but went over like broccoli flavored ice cream.
Didn't care for this very much back in the day, but doesn't sound so bad to my ears now, actually.
Brian Walsby played drums in this band - you know him from his rippin' old-school hardcore flyer art, right? Anyways, this thing never came out on CD, and so I wrote to him a year ago or so and for $2 he burned me a CD-R & drew me a cool little cover for it.
Buy his MANCHILD series of books, and listen to EYE FOR AN EYE, willya?

Brian Walsby.

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  1. Remembered this side project but could never recall the name of the band. For some reason, I thought it was 1000 homo dj's, which is someone else's side project or something. Never bothered to really try looking it up ya know.

    Haven't been here in a while and see a ton of stuff which will satiate my curiosity for some time. Look forward to checking out that synth metal band.

    Speaking of metal, I recently discovered Satyricon, who I find to be totally amazing. I don't delve into the black metal too often, so it stays fresh. Besides I think there are about a trillion bands under the moniker of blackened metal and melodic death anyway, so I couldn't possibly keep up.

    Thanks for the uploads.

  2. The Mar de Grises post was the band I was referring to.

  3. 1000 Homo DJs was A.J. from Ministry's side project. And, L-RV, I loved the old COC, but Pepper Keenan kicks ass, and even though you know I like Southern sludge/stoner anyways, I think the newer version of COC has always been great. But if you put them together, they are definitley two different styles. Well, LOL, we all have different tastes!:)

  4. Cheeto - Ok, I was a bit hard on the Pepper version of C.o.C., but I think that's because the first 3 or 4 albums of hc/crossover stuff they did mean sooo much to me; just seemed more innovative at the time to me than the revovling door that the band became after that.
    I do like Deliverance alot, but yeah, different band for sure.

    I digs me some stoner sludge as well, used to be into it more, but not as many stand out to me these days. You, sir, ALWAYS seem to find the good shit though, thanks for that ;)

  5. another great find here , really appreciate al the effort you put into this ( even though i don´t t think pepper sucks )timo

  6. thanks for this one, i've been searching for it for years. hail woody weatherman! hail mike dean!


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