Moody punk rock from Charm City (Baltimore, MD).
Dan Higgs has always been a bad ass motherfucker, whether it be making music within a band setting or solo as well as being a unique tattooist (something he stopped a few years ago, sadly).
Here's the last release from the great-yet-under appreciated reptile House from 1989...

D/L Reptile House - Listen To The Powersoul right here.

Now playing: Blacklisted - Live Set.
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  1. Sweet, I'm curious. Thanks for giving so much to us, buddy.

  2. Yeah, thanks! Sweet to hear some early Higgs.

  3. THANK YOU!!! My old tape of this just went kaput, and I no longer live in a city where I have any hope of finding this in a record store, or even a person who can make me a new tape or cd of it. Your website is a treasure!!!

  4. Cool, Rich.
    I dug for for a long time til I found this on Soulseek one night.
    You NEVER See this thing anywhere, so yeah, glad to share, ya know?

    Enjoy yourself around here, buddy ;)

  5. Been searching for some Reptile house for a long time. thanks!

  6. Damn! I've been serchin for it so hard. But link is dead. Can You re-upload it, please?

  7. Sorry, but per request of various band members, I deleted this one a long time ago...


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