Some solid d-beat-ish rockin' crusty hardcore from Oslo, Norway.

Somewhere along the way they gained a female singer from Seattle, WA who has a thick wail throughout - take that, guy who whined 'cuz I didn't post bands with women in them - here's yet another...

Really nice stuff; at times it gallops like Motörhead, and at others it breaks down into a "heavy-with-melody" kind of thing, reminding me a bit of old Germanic thrash-rippers like Inferno.

Yeah, it's good, and they packed it in before their time if you ask me.

Dig around on the 'webernet a little bit & you can track down all their goodies straight from their own site, I believe.

Check it out.

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Hevn - What Goes Around... Comes Around

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  1. Have you seen this clip of Hevn live from Split, Croatia? From their last tour I believe... Worth seeing mostly for the audiences constant "reversed stage dives".

    Anyways, I came here looking for Void´s Potion for Bad Dreams, and found a bunch of other stuff I´ve wanted to hear as well. Great blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Cool, Sonya have been on all recordings from the deomo to this last EP.

    The gig in Split Croatia was as crazy as it seems, someone trew a orange smokegranade in the consert hall at some point, and the floor was bloody as fuck.

    J. HEVN


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