(That's the name of the game when it comes to Terrorizer).

It's not like this is a rare or exclusive post for the L-R V - you can find it everywhere on the 'ol webernets - it's just that it is so fucking damn good (and I can't stop listening to it right now, must go to bed!) that I had to post it.

Jesse Pintado was a fucking beastly 6-string motherfucker whose talents in the deathgrindcrust realms go/went nearly unparalelled.
(Actually, the pedigree of this whole band is mind-boggling to say the least).

Enough of my gushing already, see for yourself if you aren't already the proud owner of said piece of grind history.

The L-R V will probably be somewhat inactive for the next week - just warning you now.

My brother is visiting from Detroit & I plan on taking the time to eat too much good food, drink more beer than I usually do, take a road trip to Tahoe or Santa Cruz for the day, and hopefully the weather will be killer for my son's 6th. birthday on Sunday in the park.

In my abscence, I suggest you peruse the archive - or better yet - VISIT THE BLOGS IN THE LINK SIDEBAR!

Anyone who is listed there is at least as on their game as I am - these are daily visits for me - and it ain't just anybody who gets a link from me, pal!
They all put forth a true effort at representing the bands they post, so the least you could do when you get blessed with some wicked (and free!) new tunes is drop a comment and say thanks/hello, etc. We all really appreciate it.

Enjoy the music!

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Terrorizer - World Downfall

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