I just found out that Jonithin Christ died on March 5th. due to complications (I'm assuming from the brain tumor he had removed a while back).

The news of his passing saddens me, as his various bands' music always had a profound effect on me -
still does.

When I first heard the split Code of Honor did w/ Sick Pleasure back in 1985 whilst living in small-town Michigan, it completely blew me away on every level.
I hadn't heard hardcore be so emotive without being "pussy", and as musicians, they certainly weren't hacks.

This record became a daily anthem to me, I skated to this on a daily basis for years to come, I made a sick-ass t-shirt as well that I certainly wish I still had...

When I moved to SF in 1992, I was well-versed in SF/Bay Area HC & Thrash, and Maximum Rock and Roll & Thrasher Magazines' were my fucking bible for years prior, so I was pretty much set - all I had to do was get to SF & I would find my true home.

That formula for the most part still works for me; MRR & Thrasher pretty much suck these days, but the attitude/outlook I gained in my formative years from said publications has groomed me in a way that still hold true in my daily life.

I wrote to Jonithin for awhile a few years ago; I had done an interview with him for one of the many failed blogs I had before this one, and he was nothing but kind in his words that he had for others and his outlook for life was one of compassion - far more than I could ever have for humanity.

Take a moment to listen to one of the best hardcore bands that ever was.

Thanks, Jonithin.


Code of Honor - The Complete Studio Recordings: 1982 - 1984

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