Here we have a collection of singles, out-takes, comp cuts, alternate versions, etc. from the band that Chris Tense & Dean Johnson - the original rhythm section of Poison Idea - formed after leaving "The Kings of Punk".

Not wandering far from the formula they subscribed to in that legendary band, they teamed up with a drunken howler named Peter & another hot-shit sausage-fingered six-string motherfucker named Ian on guitar.
In three short years they recorded 3 full-lengths & various singles - oh yeah - they were actually called "Mule" to begin with, but lost the rights to the "fake redneck" band from that farm town, er, collegiate bastion for rich kids known as Ann Arbor, MI.

While they may not be a name alot of people recognize, they had their moments in the (s)limelight.
This collection is somewhat spotty, but at the same time, these guys were definitely a "live party band" - you can hear it for sure - and I can attest to that as I saw them live in 1994 at the Paris Theater in downtown Portland.
After the show I decided to head over to Burnside Project for "one last run" and - as is par for the course - I ended up breaking my arm in the process. That's kind of how this band goes as well - always on the edge, and definnitely worth a listen or two.

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Apartment 3G - Shit No One Wants To Hear

If anybody has any other material from these guys, would you mind sending me a rip?
I got cleaned out of my vinyl collection of these guys a few years ago, thanks.


  1. New Hope for the Dead was a great record....in the early 90s there was not much out there like this, and was perfect for the PI-style starved folks who wern't buying the grunge thing.
    I saw them play at the Lake Union Pub in Seattle once in Seattle and they were ripping!

  2. Hey, thnx for this one, I downloaded it few weeks ago and it's still in my player. I love Poison Idea, and this guys are great too! Thnx again, and keep on with the excellent blog you're doing!

  3. Thanks!
    Glad you like it!

  4. I Think Punk Machine is thier best album,If you could,Would you post up Punk machine?if you could the what be awesome!!

  5. Anonymous Guy -

    I ended the post stating the fact that I don't have any other APT 3G stuff.
    You read that part, didn't you?

    DId you read the other part where I'd prefer it if you DIDN'T post comments ANONYMOUSLY?
    I tend to pay attention a bit more to people who have names.

    Not trying to be rude, just sayin'

  6. Lisa & Her Kin?
    Wow, holy shit, Ian!
    I'm intruigued now, and thanks for stopping by - you guys were a great band!

  7. Could someone please post a link that i can download without being a member of rapidshare.
    Been after this for ages PLZZZZZZ

  8. GAZ -

    You don't need to be a member to D/L from Rapidshare.




  9. Thanks your a fucking legend!!
    It said on rapidshare the file was to big you need to be a premium member to download god knows
    thanks again

  10. Great band!
    Someone can help to find more info of them?
    sorry for my bad english!

  11. Yeah!
    Anyone got punkmachine?


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