Found this one recently via some BT action, and I'm pretty stoked as I was at this show.

Not alot I can tell you about it, but I do remember that also on this bill were Soundgarden & Danzig -(WTF!?!)- and the only band I watched that night was Voivod, so I can tell you that they were pretty amazing.

The shitty part is that this show went down during the heyday of Soundgarden's recent major-label signing, so the metalheads weren't really there - it was a ton of grunge-wimps & their chicks lookin' to get a glimpse of Chris Cornell's little-boy chest...

What I do remember is this:
1). Smoking down in the sub-zero temps in the back lot of St. Andy's -(an amazing place to see a band, for sure, one of the best without a doubt).
2). Drinking Black Label from a frosted half-shell at the old-man bar next door to St. Andrew's (that I can no longer for the life of me remember the name of), before gulping down some mushrooms with John Brannon (in the Laughing Hyenas at the time) in the bathroom before heading back to St. Andy's for Voivod.

They melted my face off, yes, Voivod did.
So did the mushrooms, of course.

But what about Danzig, you say?
Well, I can't remember because if shit-memory serves me right, I had taken off w/ Swanky Jim (from Cum Dumpster) & his girlfriend Peg (from the Gories) to go smoke some hash at their place.
She later threw a knife at me, barely missing my foot.
Good times.
I guess I do remember a few things from that night, huh.

Listening to this set -nineteen fucking years later HOLY SHIT- I'd have to say it was a ripper for sure, and I gotta tell ya I really, really, miss bands like this, times like that, the old crew, etc.


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Voivod - 01.13.1990 St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI


  1. hey man, i was at this show too! i cant believe you referenced cumdumpster! That shit is funny. I can tell you what i remember about danzig. He kicked some dude in the head for trying to stagedive. What a coc*sucker. Voi Vod ruled that night, they were the only reason i was there!

  2. smoked out with Snake in the parking lot of the Eagle club in milwaukee on the RRRoooaaaRRR tour
    he was justy walking around in the lot checkin out the dipshit wasted american youth
    they opened for Celtic Frost on the To Mega Theron tour, oh yeah some band called Helloween opened for them, but the locals  all spit on the and stood with their backs to the stage
    i was lucky enough to catch, Killing tech Dimension, and Nothingface tours as well
    when i saw this tour - know i saw this tour coz you mention soundgarded - a little known band called Faith No More had opened for both acts
    i was just there for Voi Vod but was mindly impressed with the opening talent
    great find
    hope the back/neck/curry/beer thing gets straightened out

  3. I've slowed down on my downloading and blogging over the summer (too fucking busy, but I DID start posting on my blog again this month) but I saw this and had to have it. I was just at St. Andrews a few weeks ago. Best sound of any club in the midwest. You don't hear of so many shows there anymore, but I think LiveNation or whatever shitcock company owns all the venues in Detroit just doesn't make an effort to advertise in NWOH at all.

    Voivod are/were/is/wuz amazing. Nothingface is probably their broadest sounding and best album. Still had a little bit of that piss & vinegar thrash left in them. It would be really nice if some company did a groovy repackage and rerelease of that album. I think it was really misunderstood in 1989/90 (I didn't 'get it,' none of the metalheads I knew back then 'got it,' but we didn't get much that wasn't Obituary at that point) High minded thinking man's metal has never had a firm grip on the rustbelt and it never will, unfortunately. This is a great sounding boot. Thanks for finding it and sharing it.

  4. Nothingwheel -

    Yeah, St. Andy's was fucking awesome back in the day - what is the name of that old man bar next door? It's killing me...

    I am still a sucker for almost any Voivod record, at any time.
    They will always be misunderstood/underapperciated, etc. but I can dig that cuz I don't wanna share 'em with fools that can't recognize ;)

    By the way, I linked you up - not sure if I had you as a link before or not, but I should have if I didn't.
    Your blog is the real deal, son.


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