Now, while I can't say as though I have listened to any Prong record made after 1991's "Prove You Wrong", I gotta say Force Fed absolutely kicked my ass back in the day.
That was another one of those "fuel-for-the-skate-session" records, and this here live board recording from 1990 is pretty good. They play all the good early shit, the sound is exceptionally good, and the between-song banter is amusing at times - especially due to Tommy's heavy "(nasal) Noo Yawwk-ness".

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Prong - 10.15.1990 Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany

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  1. Jason M. Donovan9/28/2009 01:00:00 PM

    Excellent. My in was Pushead’s artwork for Beg..., picked it up unheard and was blown away hard. My cutoff was Prove You Wrong/Whose Fist...EP as well, though I saw them at least three times 1994-99. This sounds good enough to be pro-released, too bad the end is snipped.

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