Fear was definitely one of the very first punk bands to start crafting the sound that would eventually come to be known as hardcore (that stuff we all know and love).
While it wasn't quite the raucous musical masterpiece that "THE RECORD" was, "More Beer" still holds many a wry drunken anthem within its seething grooves.

Many have emulated Lee Ving, yet no one possesses the same charisma / humor / intimidation as the man himself. Why bother, ya know? Plus, he played a Gibson Sonex - (my guitar of choice)...

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Fear - More Beer

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  1. I discovered these guys when I saw a re-run of their appearance on SNL. Always had the logo on every binder in school. Unfortunately, I saw them at the Trocadero in the nineties (around the same tame they released a mostly crap new album, "Have Another Beer With..."). They announced over the P.A. before the show, that if anyone spit at the band, the show would end. Sure enough, less than ten minutes in, and Ving catches some phleghm- SHOW'S OVER! Everyone out. Real fucking lame. But now that I think back, what the fuck is spitting at the band all about? Nasty.


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