If you're a regular visitor here to the L-RV, then there's no fucking doubt that you're aware of who the fuck Asbestos Death was / is.
On top of that, this here live set sounds pretty fucking nice - especially since it's been 20 fucking years since this show happened.

They were unique at the time - most likely under appreciated - and you can hear the beginning of the "classic" Sleep sound coming into being (maybe just a bit less Sabbath worship). Either way, it's fuckin' beautiful…

Asbestos Death - Live @ Gilman St., Berkeley, CA 1990
Link in comments.


  1. High On Fire too. Played many shows in the South Bay with Asbestos Death...not too many people paid attention to them or my band. Sleep sure broke some cool ground!

  2. This is gonna be bad-ass. I've been on a High on Fire kick this week--thanks so much Jason

  3. Jello B. Afraid12/11/2011 06:51:00 PM

    thanks for the upload. you have to wonder what those dumb punks at gilman street were thinking when asbestos death and sleep would play. some punks are, um, a little close minded.

  4. Those close-minded Gilman St. punks are all probably doing one-man "black metal"...

  5. Asbestosdeath were heavy as fuck. Hella nice guys too. Thanks for this dude!

  6. I saw Sleep open for Neurosis here in Vancouver in 1993/94? on that Holy Mountain tour. I remember them having really cool tie-dye shirts for sale. They also did an interview on Canada's music video station Muchmusic for a show called the Pepsi Power Hour. I remember them being really, really stoned. You don't know your seeing a future "legendary" act while you're actually see it do you?

    Also funny is how I've noticed "stoner metal" (I don't remember even hearing this term until around 2002) is now de rigueur for the hipster turd set. It would all be so very offensive to my 1993 pre-internet self.

    RE: Gilman street loser punks in one man black metal bands.

    Isn't it crazy how in 20 years the scene went from the ever present threat of skinheads in Skrewdriver tshirts showing up at shows to then the 90s with the PC police and their shitty emo bands and all their rules. and then finally to a time were every idiot crusty and hipster has a Burzum shirt on?

    Am I bitter? yes I am. I won't be bitter about downloading this though. thanks


  8. <3 <3 <3

    i dont tell you how much i appreciate what you do here at LoResViscera nearly enough. so im tellin' ya! :D

  9. Thanks for the upload. I like the music you have been posting about on this blog, and I just started reading back on the archive, very enjoyable, even though the links do not work anymore still great to read up on albums i have long forgotten that i love as well.

  10. Let me know what you're looking for, Igor.
    I'll re-upload what I can...


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