The Kings of Punk make yet another return to The L-RV - I'm not quite sure, but they may hold the record for most posts around here - this time it's a great sounding bootleg from the classic "Feel The Darkness"-era. Solid as fuck all the way through, the Boys from PDX "take it out on a bunch of schoolboys" at U.L.U in London, U.K. on this one. Like I said before, great sound - a tad bass-heavy, but well worth more than a few listens. Great solos abound, and an on-point Slayer Hippy is always hard to beat...

Record Bootleggers Are Potential Millionaires
Link in comments.

(My proficiency in (a lack of) posting is part of the overall charm - actually, it's pretty annoying, right? Sadly, that probably won't change anytime soon - unless you want to pay my bills).


  1. Blog is awesome! Poison Idea is awesomer!! Thanks for all the work. For a far less awesomer blog with 80's hardcore, check out mine: http://drdrunkruinsitforeveryone.blogspot.com/

  2. The Golden Age of Poison Idea!!

  3. @Dr.Drunk - You have been linked - excellent work going on over at your blog - looking forward to more, keep it up!

  4. Wickedly wicked; 'downloading this and I can't wait to hear it. Thanks for sharing the good stuff.

  5. Thanx for all the kick-ass tunez on a kick-ass blog!!!!!

  6. @chris_c

    you're welcome!

    thanks for commenting...


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