Never-before published photo of the Late, Great, Joe Strummer, kickin' it down to the homeless in NYC.
Today's post is a tribute to the one & only Joe Strummer, who passed away nine years ago today. There is no need to expound on how much of an impact he made on myself and a million others on this planet - even in his absence, his legacy continues to matter…

R.I.P. Joe.

Happy Holidays to all of you who stop by here regularly to download, comment, etc.

The Clash - The Vanilla Tapes
Link in comments.


  1. the only band that really matters.

    i've been obsessed with old youtube vids of the clash lately. i love watching strummer play as much as listening. it's like he's using his instrument as a weapon. it was very machine-like.

  2. Thanks alot, this is great. happy holidays to you as well


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