Mid-Eighties manic / blistering hardcore from the mean streets of Boise, Idaho.

While there plenty of frantic moments on this recording, you will also find something "more" to their particular brand of hardcore - melodic isn't a good way to put it - but I'd say there is a bit of a Die Kreuzen sound that rears it's beautiful/ugly head now & then. You can't go wrong with that...

Of course they were pals w/ Pushead back in the day, but still… no one really gives two shits about this band. They added Doug Martsch on guitar down the road, and then they changed their name to The Treepeople. While a couple more people started to give a shit, that band eventually morphed into Built to Spill. Now I'm thinking that MAYBE three Built to Spill fans MIGHT actually like State of Confusion, or Treepeople for that matter.

Either way, this is a classic HC record from the culture-locked middle of Amerikka that is unique in it's approach to the genre.

A must-have.

State of Confusion - A Street
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  1. I'd never heard this before and it was pretty awesome, thanks.

  2. This is a GREAT record. I had it on deck to post on my blog before I lost steam. A total dollar bin classic for me.

  3. Thanks for turning me on to this. It really scratches an itch I didn't even know I was having.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this cool music! Some great stuff here.


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